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Thursday January 30, 2008, 8:00 am ET

ARAM Certifies Ultera Mirage Data Recorder (MDR) for Use with ARAM Aries Systems

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Jan, 2008 – Ultera Systems Inc., a leading provider of high-performance virtual tape libraries, has achieved full certification from ARAM Systems Ltd., under which the Calgary based company will support the Ultera Mirage(TM) Data Recorder (MDR) with the ARAM Aries system. 

The highly reliable MDR is designed for real-time data acquisition in mission critical operations where repeating the test becomes cost or time prohibitive. It eliminates problems associated with traditional tape drives by replacing tape drives and cartridges with two high performance disk drives in removable canisters. 

According to Rob Philips, Engineering Manager, at ARAM Systems Ltd., "the Mirage Data Recorder has been fully supported as a peripheral device to the ARAM Aries system. All in-house laboratory testing performed on the MDR have passed without complication; we can state that the MDR meets ARAM’s Laboratory standards for quality, function, and reliability.” 

"This certification with ARAM Aries equipment is another major step forward in our efforts to promote MDR for the seismic data acquisition industry, said Mo Nour, Ultera President. ”ARAM is one of the fastest growing companies manufacturing seismic acquisition equipment in the oilfield services industry.  We anticipate providing products to the ARAM customer base immediately." 

The MDR features built-in redundancy to ensure recording continues if either drive fails. Once data is recorded, automatic write protection prevents accidental data erasure. For extra protection, the identical tape volumes stored on transportable hard drives allow field crew to take one drive to the base camp for processing and/or archiving to conventional tape cartridges while retaining the other drive as backup.  The capability to create a tape copy quickly and easily directly from disk instead of going through a server is a real benefit. 

The MDRs high capacity disks permit companies to store more data on a single volume. A single MDR disk is equivalent to up to 70 tape cartridges. Each drive can be configured to accept 10 to 70 IBM 3590 tapes, or up to seven LTO format tape cartridges. 

The Mirage Data Recorder is an addition to Ultera's family of Mirage Virtual Tape technologies and is available in a three-bay tower or 2U rack mount configuration. Each includes an MDR controller, one tape drive archive port and two disk modules with 146GB/300GB/750GB removable disks. 

About ARAM 

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with locations in Houston, Dubai and Beijing, ARAM Systems is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of seismic equipment in the oil and gas industry. The company designs, develops, and manufactures a full range of equipment for seismic surveys, primarily focused in land.  ARAM Systems Ltd. is privately owned.   For more information, visit

 About Ultera Systems

Founded in 1994, Ultera designs and delivers high-performance technologies for tape, virtual tape and other removable storage devices. The company’s proprietary tape RAID ASIC design incorporates the latest technology available to achieve maximum performance and data reliability. Ultera hard disk based virtual tape libraries, tape arrays, optical arrays and media duplication products are marketed and sold through major OEMs, storage integrators, technology providers, resellers and distributors. For more information phone (949) 367-8880, email, or visit



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