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Ultera Controller Products
Ultera controller products feature an innovative implementation of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) specifically designed for removable storage devices for world class RAID controller solutions to protect your data.  Ultera's RAID controller products complement existing tape, disk, optical and automation technologies to a level of fault tolerance, performance, capacity and data availability that no single storage device can provide.
PRODUCTS Applications*

Hard Drive Based Virtual Tape The Mirage Virtual Tape Controller (VTC) utilizes disk storage devices to create a hard drive based Virtual Tape Library (VTL) that operates transparently with existing tape backup application software on any hardware platform or operating system.  Furthermore, the Mirage VTC provides a server free “Embedded Archive Engine” (EAE) to perform archival operations utilizing physical tape drive(s), a sequential stacker/autoloader or tape library.  

Media Duplication The Ultera standalone, automated & large scale tape, optical and disk media duplication solutions provide server-free operation with full automation support.

Tape RAID Controllers The Ultera Tape RAID controllers are based on fourth generation technology developed by Ultera Systems, Inc. using Ultera's proprietary Tape RAID FPGA/ASIC design.  The Striper Series applies RAID technology to achieve the highest performance, capacity, data availability and fault tolerance levels which complement and enhance existing tape drive and tape automation technologies with seamless scalability.

CD-R / DVD-R Mastering The Ultera CD-R and DVD-R Mastering controllers increase production rates with seamless scalability.

Optical RAID Controllers The Ultera Optical RAID controllers apply RAID technology to achieve the highest performance, capacity, data availability and fault tolerance levels which complement and enhance existing optical drive and optical automation technologies with seamless scalability.

Software Management As an optional feature, Ultera offers powerful and full-featured remote management software to manage and configure Ultera controllers.
*  All major tape drives, optical drives, autoloaders, jukeboxes and libraries are supported
   All major disk drives and disk RAID storage systems are supported
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