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Monday October 26, 2009, 8:00 am ET


Houston Tex. – Oct. 26, 2009 -- (BUSINESS WIRE) --Ultera Systems unveiled its new series of Mirage Data Recorders (MDR) with real time Read After Write (RAW) functionality in a virtual tape solution at the 79th Annual SEG International Exposition here today.

 According to Mo Nour, Ultera Systems president, implementation of RAW is accomplished by providing an independent secondary host (monitor) port. Seismic files are retrieved and displayed via the monitor port while the MDR primary host port is used to simultaneously record seismic acquisition data.

  “The ability to display seismic data immediately after it is written to the media offers the ultimate assurance in real time data acquisition applications,” Nour explained.

 Petroleum Geo Services (PGS), which laid out the initial concept and specifications for the system, was the first exploration company to implement this feature on its crews.  A spokesman for PGS stated, “We are constantly looking for ways to improve our ability to deliver the best results to our clients.”  PGS is located at Booth #1943.

 “The MDR unique architecture makes this breakthrough solution possible by incorporating two independent host ports combined with hard drive-based tape emulation,” said Jeff Imber, president of Beltway Seismic, an Ultera Systems technology partner. Beltway Seismic has developed the MirageView™ monitoring application for RAW display of seismic data and will be demonstrating this breakthrough technology at Booth #857.

 MDR solutions are 100% compatible with data acquisition systems from Sercel, ION, ARAM and Fairfield, and can be configured with FC, SCSI, USB and ExpressCard® interfaces. The MDR built-in archive includes support for tape drives and flash disk for distribution and processing.

Seismic Equipment Solutions (SES) is exhibiting MDR solutions in Booth #3030. SES’s strong partnership with Ultera includes worldwide sale and leasing of Ultera MDR solutions.

 Cypress Technology is exhibiting MDR in rugged Alcatraz enclosures in Booth #3154.

 About PGS

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) ( offers a broad range of products including: seismic and electromagnetic services, data acquisition, processing, reservoir analysis/interpretation and multi-client library data. They help oil companies to find oil and gas reserves worldwide, offshore and onshore.

About SES

Seismic Equipment Solutions LP (SES) ( provides products and services on a global basis in the area of new, used, and re-certified instrumentation used in land, marine and borehole seismic acquisition. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, SES is an "Approved Support Partner" of ION, Inc. and a Certified Repair Center for Sercel equipment.   

 About Beltway Seismic

Beltway Seismic Inc ( produces industry leading software for quality assurance, transcription and pre-processing of seismic data.  Its QC product, QualSeis™, can be found on field crews in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Kazakhstan as well as on domestic land and OBC/Node crews in the Gulf of Mexico.  

 About Cypress Technology, LLP

Cypress Technology ( designs and manufactures a line of rugged products for seismic acquisition that help protect valuable assets from total loss. Its Alcatraz products like the A6 for mobile applications and the A7 for rack-mount applications protects MDR, IBM 3592, LTO, and DLT tape drives from the harsh environments often encountered during data acquisition.

 About Ultera Systems

Founded in 1994, Ultera designs and delivers innovative high-performance storage solutions for tape, virtual tape and other removable storage devices. Ultera hard drive-based virtual tape libraries and MDRs are marketed and sold through OEMs, storage integrators and resellers. For more information phone (949) 367-8800,  e-mail,  or visit the company website at


Daly-Swartz PR for Ultera Systems

Jeffrey Swartz, 949.470.0075


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