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First in bringing RAID to optical devices for financial, medical, call center and other applications

Las Vegas, Nev.; Nov. 13, 2000: Today at Comdex Fall 2000 in Las Vegas, Ultera Systems announced the first in a new series of products bringing RAID technology to optical devices such as DVDs. Called Stor2, Ultera’s controller allows for simultaneously recording two copies of DVD-R, DVD-RAM, CD-R or magneto optical (MO) media at the full speed of the drives.

Stor2 can be used for making duplicate backups – one for on-site storage and a second disaster-recovery copy to be stored off site – or simply to share files with a sister company. Applications include storing financial transaction data, medical records or images, voice transactions such as for stock brokerages, and others where duplicate copies are legally required. Users will be able to produce the two copies they need in half the time it now takes.

Compatible with all major operating systems, Stor2 works with standalone drives or library systems. It requires no special software drivers. Host computers see the paired drives or libraries as single SCSI devices which operate at full speed.

The system is fault-tolerant and the failure of one drive or library does not effect the operation of the other. 

Stor2 is the first announced member of Ultera’s OpticalRAID family, which will include mirroring and striping controllers like those currently available for magnetic disk and tape systems. Stor2 is priced as low as $1500.00 in OEM quantities (100 units). Deliveries begin immediately.

About Ultera
Ultera Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures RAID tape array controllers and subsystems designed for high-speed backup, archiving, and high-speed data acquisition applications. With the introduction of its OpticalRAID series, the company is making the same types of products available for optical recording devices such as DVD and CD drives. These products are sold to OEMs, VARs and system integrators worldwide.

Ultera’s headquarters are at 26052 Merit Circle, Laguna Hills, Calif. 92653, (949)367-8800 or (949)367-0758 fax. Additional information on the company and its products is available at or email


Ultera, OpticalRAID, and Stor2 are trademarks of Ultera Systems, Inc. Any other tradenames or trade-marks referenced are the property of their holders.

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