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LAGUNA HILLS, Calif.,... March 7, 2000 – Ultera Systems, the leading tape array controller and tape array system supplier, recently marked a record season of strategic partnerships and product distinctions, gaining international recognition for its advanced tape array controller technology.

"In a six-month period, we have achieved phenomenal international and domestic results in signing resellers, partnering with major storage vendors and earning editorial awards for our advanced controller technology," said Fred Bedard, Ultera Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

Since August 1999, Ultera has signed a record number of premier international resellers and distributors, including Japan’s Macnica; Sydney, Australia-based e-DataGroup; SAN Solutions, serving Spain and Portugal; Kingswell-Skyhawk in the U.K. and Sweden; and SkyData, a leading Canadian distributor.

In the U.S., Ultera once again partnered with Data General/EMC, providing its tape array controller technologies for the Data General DLT* Array 7000+, to create a cost-effective, leading-edge solution that meets the most demanding data management requirements for ultra-reliable storage. Shortly thereafter, Ultera teamed up with Exabyte to create the industry’s first true turnkey DLTtape* RAID backup solution, incorporating Ultera’s LibraryMaster™ with Exabyte’s 690D DLTtape library. The Ultera/Exabyte solution was awarded a Computer Technology Review "Resellers Choice" award in the December 1999 issue for the innovative, fault-tolerant engineering – Ultera’s second Resellers Choice for its LibraryMaster controller technology in six months.

"The time has come for tape arrays, given the extraordinary growth in the disk storage market over the past year, and the need for high-performance backup has become the critical corporate issue. This demand, along with our technology excellence, brought leading companies to Ultera for our one-of-a-kind tape RAID product line," said Bedard.

In a separate strategic move, Ultera recently unveiled its DVD-R MultiMaster RAID library technology for DVD-R optical, and another industry first for the company. Ultera will soon bring to market another innovative optical library product for M-O. Ultera is close to inking several strategic OEM agreements with leading optical library manufacturers for both of its new optical RAID controllers, which will only be available as OEM products.

 About Ultera Systems
Ultera Systems, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of RAID Tape Array controllers and subsystems designed for high-speed backup, archive and high-speed data acquisition applications. All industry standard tape drives, tape libraries and storage management software are compatible with the Ultera Arrays. Its tape array product lines are marketed under the trade names "Striper," "Imager," "LibraryMaster" and "ShadowMaster," and sold through OEMs, VARs and Systems Integrators worldwide. Not new to the optical arena, Ultera has deployed its advanced controller technology for years in thousands of installations worldwide. Ultera is based in Laguna Hills, Calif.

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*DLT and DLTtape are claimed trademarks of Quantum Corp.

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