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Ultera RapidStor™ - Single Optical Library
Ultera's RapidStor™ controller solution is designed for single optical library applications featuring Data Striping (RAID Levels 0 and 3).   Increase performance and provide fault tolerance with optical jukebox striping.
    Single optical jukebox striping
    Ideal for video streaming/editing applications
    Read and recording speeds are increased by as much as 4 times
    Combines RAID and automation with seamless scalability
    Operation continues in the event of a single drive or media failure
5 Channel
High Performance,
Data Striping
Ultera's RapidStor™ controller features Data Striping and appears to the host system as a single optical library with one or more optical drives ("Logical Drive Sets").   A "Logical Drive Set" consists of an array of up to 5 optical drives and is seen by the host as a single logical optical device ("Virtual Optical Drive").  
Magneto Optical, MO
Ideal for Video Streaming/Editing Applications!
 How Does Ultera's RapidStor™ Controller Work?   
Ultera's Library Optical RAID solutions are designed to be plug and play compatible with all operating systems and hardware platforms.  Ultera's RapidStor™ controller adds value to your optical library investment by providing data protection and fault tolerance at a level that no single optical library can provide.  A description of how the RapidStor™ controller transparently applies Optical RAID enhancements to a conventional optical library is detailed below.
The operating mode of the RapidStor™ controller determines the size of a "Logical Drive Set" (2, 3, 4 or 5 optical drives).  This controls how the RapidStor™ controller presents the attached library's geometry and element addressing to the host computer system.
The size of a logical optical volume set is equal to the "Logical Drive Set" size as shown below:
Operating Mode Logical Optical Volume Size Logical Drive Set Size
Striping 2+0 2 Optical Media 2 Drives
Striping 2+1 3 Optical Media 3 Drives
Striping 4+0 4 Optical Media 4 Drives
Striping 4+1 5 Optical Media 5 Drives
Mirroring 2 2 Optical Media 2 Drives
Mirroring 3 3 Optical Media 3 Drives
Mirroring 4 4 Optical Media 4 Drives
Mirroring 5 5 Optical Media 5 Drives
The RapidStor™ controller automatically adjusts how the host backup management software sees the library's inventory, number of drives and number of import/export slots based on the following:
Number of Media Slots Equals the total number available divided by 
the "Logical Drive Set" size.
Number of Optical Drives
Number of Import/Export Slots
The RapidStor™ controller presents each logical optical volume set to the host computer as a single media cartridge and transparently loads and unloads a complete physical set of optical media cartridges for each logical mount/dismount request from the backup management software.
Starting with the lowest slot number in the library, a logical optical volume set occupies up to 5 consecutive slots.  For example, a RapidStor™ controller can be set to a Striping 4+1 or Mirroring 5 operating mode with a logical drive set size equal to 5.  This means 5 consecutive slots represent a single logical optical volume and 5 consecutive optical drives within the optical library (starting with the lowest drive element address) represent a single logical drive set.
The host software views each logical drive set in the optical library as a single optical drive via the RapidStor™ controller.  The primary RapidStor™ controller attaches to the robot and the lowest drive element address in the optical library and then to consecutive drive elements based on the size of the logical drive set.  Additional RapidStor™ controllers may be added to operate the next set of available drives.
The host software views the import/export door as one or more library elements. If the physical number of import/export door slots equals the size of the logical optical set, the RapidStor™ controller presents these door slots as a single logical import/export slot and moves an entire logical optical media set to the door or from the door as one logical move operation. 

If the physical number of import/export door slots equals one,  the RapidStor™ controller presents this door slot as a single logical import/export slot and moves an entire logical optical media set to the door or from the door sequentially, one at a time. 

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