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Reduce Your Backup Window Simplify Disaster Recovery 
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Create Reliable Backups Overcome Your Conventional Backup Limitations!  
The Mirage Virtual Tape Controller (VTC) utilizes disk storage devices to create a hard drive based Virtual Tape Library (VTL) that operates transparently with existing tape backup application software on any hardware platform or operating system.  
Mirage based VTL solutions may be configured using one or more Mirage VTCs to offer seamless scalability and meet the performance and capacity requirements of any backup, data management or disaster recovery application. 
The Mirage based VTL appears to backup management software as if it was a conventional tape library operating in random tape library or sequential stacker/autoloader mode.  The VTL emulation is built-in for plug and play compatibility.  No special drivers are required.
Mirage based VTL delivers immediate performance improvements to backup, restore and archival applications.
Mirage  based VTL supports investments already made in tape drives, libraries and RAID equipment as well as application software.  Mirage enables users to keep their current configuration in place, no hardware changes, no software changes, no procedural or policy changes. 
Mirage  based VTL has repositioned tape to its appropriate place as a removable storage device for archival purposes.
Mirage  based VTL has patent pending breakthrough concepts supporting the management of data from the servers itís backing up to the archival storage.  It's that simple.

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