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MirageLITE  Virtual Tape Controller  (VTC) is the key component of a high performance, affordable Virtual Tape Library (VTL).  The MirageLITE VTC increases the performance and reliability of the backup process by creating VTLs utilizing SCSI disk storage systems.  The Mirage “Embedded Archive Engine (EAE)” archives virtual tape volumes to conventional tape cartridges using a tape drive(s), autoloader or  tape library.  The archive process is initiated and managed by the MirageLITE VTC as a background process, without any additional software or host resources.  Archived tape cartridges are created as if the tape was written directly by the application software.
Three independent Ultra 160 LVD SCSI connections are provided to attach the host server, RAID system, and tape device.  Hardware integration is simple.  It’s also seamless to operating systems and backup applications.

MirageLITE delivers immediate performance improvements to backup, restore and archival applications.
MirageLITE supports investments already made in tape drives, libraries and RAID equipment, as well as application software.  MirageLITE enables users to keep their current configuration in place, no hardware changes, no software changes, no procedural or policy changes. 
The number of VTL slots and drives is user selectable.  Up to 4 virtual tape drives are supported per controller.  Additional controllers can be added for scalability.
MirageLITE automatically emulates the attached tape drive or library that is present.  In the absence of an archival tape device, a variety of user selectable Tape Library emulations are offered.  Archive to tape is optional.
MirageLITE has repositioned tape to its appropriate place as a removable storage device for archival purposes.  
It's that simple!
       MirageLITE Specifications             
Server Interconnect
The server interconnect provides connection between the MirageLITE VTC and the server.  The U160 SCSI connection provides sustained backup/restore transfer rates over 400GB/Hour per controller. Multiple VTCs can be added for performance.
Disk Storage Interconnect
The disk storage interconnect supports U160 SCSI host RAID systems. The MirageLITE VTC supports up to 80TB disk storage capacity per controller. Base configuration supports 2TB.
Archival Storage Interconnect
A single MirageLITE VTC can archive up to 2 SCSI tape drives, standalone or in a tape library.  Additional MirageLITE VTCs can be added for additional archival performance.  SCSI tape support protects your investment in existing SCSI based tape drives, autoloaders, and libraries.
Remote Management Interconnect
The MirageLITE   VTC supports a 10/100 Ethernet RJ45 port for remote management using an easy to use browser based GUI to monitor and control Mirage Virtual Tape Library and Archival operations.
Operator Console
The front panel operator console features a 4 line by 20 character display and 4 push button key pad.
  MirageLITE Models
VT880S 5 1/4" Half Height internal packaging with front panel operator console
VT1080S Table Top external packaging with power supply and front panel operator console
VT2180S Single Controller Board, 1U high 19 inch rackmount with power supply and front panel operator console
VT2280S Dual Controller Boards,1U high 19 inch rackmount with 2 power supplies and 2 front panel operator consoles
One Year Warranty
 Dimensions Width Depth Height 
5 1/4" Half Height 5.75" 9.20" 1.67"
Low Profile Table Top 9.75" 11.00" 2.50"
Rackmount 17.00" 23.31" 1.75"
Environment (Exclusive of Drives)
Input Voltage +5VDC, 10%
Supply Current 3.5 amps, max
Operating 5 degree C to 50 degree C
Non-operating -40 degree C to 60 degree C
Operating 10% to 80% non-condensing
Non-operating 10% to 90% non-condensing
Half Height
Dual Controller 1U Rackmount
5 1/4" Internal 
Half Height
Low Profile 
Table Top

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