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Mirage Data Recorder (MDR) - The  Ultimate in Seismic Recording

MDR is a virtual tape system combining the best of disk and tape technologies.  It is designed to provide seismic  data acquisition systems with a superior solution over existing conventional tape or disk solutions. MDR represents itself as a tape drive to data acquisition systems but utilizes disk drives as the primary recording media.

MDR operates seamlessly with all major data acquisition systems by emulating a variety of tape drives. MDR solutions are offered with a wide range of interfaces to allow connectivity to all seismic acquisition systems including older legacy systems.

MDR manages a pair of removable disk drives partitioned with multiple tape volumes as fault tolerant storage. It implements Ultera unique RAID for removable storage, allowing disk drives to be recorded to, removed, stored, reinserted, appended to, erased and returned to the field, while maintaining protection against accidental data erasure or data loss.  

 MDR provides complete assurance with Read after Write Real Time display of seismic data via an independent QC port. Seismic data is retrieved and displayed while the MDR recorder port is used to simultaneously record seismic files.

Embedded Tape Drive Archive accommodates applications requiring seismic files on tape cartridges. This function copies virtual tape cartridges to conventional tape cartridges at the full speed of tape drives.  Creates up to 4 tape cartridges. This feature supports creating tape cartridges simultaneously while recording or can be done at a later time.

MDR allows disk drives to be removed after recording sessions and reinserted for more recording if desired. It eliminates timely rebuild required by other NAS or RAID disk systems. MDR disk storage can be configured in seconds as opposed to several hours required by conventional RAID storage.


Mirage Data Recorder Specifications


MDR Product  Highlights:

Perfect for High Density 3D, 4D and continuous recording.

Real-Time Read After Write QC

Fault tolerance against data loss

Rackmount & Desktop configurations

Easy to Use Operator Front Panel



MDR supports Data Acquisition systems with the following interfaces:

Fibre channel 4/2 Gbit

SCSI LVD/SE 160/320

SCSI HVD/Differential



Tape Archive Devices:

IBM 3592/3590/3490e/3480

Fujitsu 8100/2488

DLT 2000/4000/7000/8000

SDLT 220/330/600

8mm/4mm DAT



MDR is available with the following user selectable tape drive emulations:

IBM 3592


IBM 3590

IBM 3490e/Fujitsu 2488  







5 degrees C to 50 degrees C


-40 degrees C to 60 degrees C




10% to 80% non-condensing


10% to 90% non-condensing

One Year Warranty








MDR Real Time QC Display

MDR maximizes performance by implementing a proprietary linear recording format as opposed to using the file system required by other disk based solutions.  Eliminating the file system reduces overhead and fragmentation of data files recorded on disk drives. MDR sustained recording performance exceeds 500GB/Hour.  MDR is perfect for high density 3D and 4D as well as continuous recording applications.

MDR is 100% compatible with Data Acquisition systems from Sercel, ION, ARAM, FairfieldNodal, and Hydroscience Technologies.

MDR Block Diagram

MDR Benefits:

Seamless Operation

Low Cost of Ownership

Increased Reliability

Fault Tolerant

Data Security

Increased Performance

Reduced Media Cost

Complete Assurance

Connectivity to Legacy Systems

Lower Maintenance Cost 
Easy Management

MDR  Compatibility:      

MDR is compatible with the following data acquisition       systems:

Sercel 428/408/388

ION/ARAM Scorpion/System4/System2/Image/      Aries2

FairfieldNodal Z System/Box

HydroScience Seamux


The MDR is available with the following removable disk media technologies:





3.5" SCSI 25,000
300GB 120MB/sec
3.5" SCSI 25,000
Up to 2TB 100MB/sec 3.5" SAS
Up to 1TB 46MB/sec
2.5" SATA Dsk Cartridge (RDX) 5,000 & 1 Meter Drop
Up to 2TB 90MB/sec
3.5" SATA 25,000
Up to 512GB 155MB/sec
2.5" SSD Solid State Disk 25,000

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