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RAILMaster™ - Multiple Tape Libraries
Ultera's RAILMaster™ controller solution is designed for single tape library applications featuring Data Striping (RAID Levels 0 and 3), Data Mirroring (RAID Level 1) and Stripe/Mirror (RAID Level 10) to protect your data at a fault tolerance level you choose.  
    Multiple tape library striping or mirroring
    Library striping for high speed backup/restore 
    Library mirroring for disaster recovery applications 
    Combines RAID and automation with seamless scalability
    Operation continues in the event of a single robot, drive or media failure
5 Channel
High Performance,
Data Striping and Mirroring
Ultera's RAILMaster™ controller features Data Striping and appears to the host system as a single tape library with one or more tape drives ("Logical Drive Sets").   A "Logical Drive Set" consists of an array of up to 5 tape drives and is seen by the host as a single logical tape device ("Virtual Tape Drive").  The RAILMaster™ controllers also features Data Mirroring and supports creating up to 5 "EXACT" original tape copies simultaneously.  Productivity is increased tremendously for applications that require duplicating original master tapes. 
Dual Channel
Low Cost Data Mirroring
Ultera's dual channel RAILMaster™ Mirroring controller supports creating 2 "EXACT" original tape copies simultaneously.  Productivity is increased for applications that require duplicating original master tapes. 
Supports All Major Tape Drives and Tape Library Devices
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The operating mode "Striping 2, 2+1, 4, 4+1", "Mirroring 2, 3, 4, 5" or "Stripe/Mirror 2+2" of the RAILMaster™ controller determines the number of tape libraries required per "logical" tape set.

If 5 identical tape libraries have 1 tape drive each and 100 tape slots and the operating mode of the RAILMaster™ controller is set to Striping 4+1, the RAILMaster™ controller appears to the backup server as a single tape library with 1 tape drive and 100 tape slots transparently.

Each "logical" tape set (i.e. 1, 2, 3..100) is distributed across all 5 tape libraries occupying the same physical tape slot.  When an application on the backup server moves a "logical" tape, the RAILMaster™ controller transparently initiates multiple move commands in parallel to move the entire "logical" tape set to/from the selected tape drive set simultaneously.

If a tape drive is added to each tape library at the same physical element address, another RAILMaster™ controller can be added to operate the new Striping 4+1 drive set transparently as a single "logical" tape drive.  The backup server in this case will see a single tape library with 2 tape drives and 100 tape slots.
 How Does Ultera's RAILMaster™ Controller Work?   
Ultera's Library Tape RAID solutions are designed to be plug and play compatible with all operating systems and hardware platforms.  Ultera's RAILMaster™ controller adds value to your tape library investment by providing data protection and fault tolerance at a level that no single tape library can provide.  A description of how the RAILMaster™ controller transparently applies Tape RAID enhancements to conventional tape libraries is detailed below.
The operating mode of the RAILMaster™ controller determines the size of a "Logical Drive Set" (2, 3, 4 or 5 tape drives).  This controls how many tape libraries can be attached to the RAILMaster™ controller.
The size of a logical tape volume set is equal to the "Logical Drive Set" size as shown below:
Operating Mode Logical Tape Volume Size Logical Drive Set Size
Striping 2+0 2 Tapes 2 Libraries
Striping 2+1 3 Tapes 3 Libraries
Striping 4+0 4 Tapes 4 Libraries
Striping 4+1 5 Tapes 5 Libraries
Mirroring 2 2 Tapes 2 Libraries
Mirroring 3 3 Tapes 3 Libraries
Mirroring 4 4 Tapes 4 Libraries
Mirroring 5 5 Tapes 5 Libraries
The RAILMaster™ controller presents to the host backup management software the same inventory, number of drives and number of import/export slots as if it was a single tape library.
The RAILMaster™ controller presents each logical tape volume set to the host computer as a single media cartridge and transparently loads and unloads a complete physical set of tape media cartridges for each logical mount/dismount request from the backup management software. 
Starting with the lowest slot number, a logical tape volume set occupies the same slot number in each library.  For example, five independent tape libraries can be attached to a RAILMaster™ controller with a logical drive set size equal to 5.  This would mean the RAILMaster™ controller is set to a Striping 4+1 or Mirroring 5 operating mode and data is either striped or mirrored across the tape libraries to the appropriate drive set. 
The host software views each logical drive set as a single tape drive via the RAILMaster™ controller.  The array channels of the primary RAILMaster™ controller attach to a robot and the lowest drive element address in each tape library.  Additional RAILMaster™ controllers may be added to operate the next set of available drives(1 per tape library).
The RAILMaster™ controller presents the same number of door slots that exist in a single tape library.  When a logical tape volume set is imported/exported, the RAILMaster™ controller moves an entire logical tape set in parallel to the door or from the door as one logical move operation. 
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