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Disk or Tape Duplication
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dot.gif (941 bytes) Disk to Disk Copy or Tape to Tape
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When One Copy Just Isn't Enough

Ultera Systems S-ImagerX12 Duplication controller utilizes three independent SCSI channels to deliver high performance duplication at up to 1TB per hour.  The independent source channel allows reading of the source drive simultaneously with writing to the destination devices,  The two independent destination channels manage the target devices in pairs to perform hardware level mirroring to tape or disk.

Easy to Use 
The S-ImagerX12 automatically detects the source drive and starts the duplication process.  The operator panel offers a user friendly LCD with duplication progress and results.
Half Height
Internal 5 1/4" Half Height


TableTop Enclosure
Table Top
Increased Productivity
Create up to twelve copies of tape at streaming speeds or up to twelve copies of disk at disk speeds.
Increased Data Reliability 
Recover valuable data even if one tape or disk becomes lost or damaged.  Any copy can be used independently for restoration.
Disaster Recovery
Storing copies of tape or disk at multiple vault locations make it easier to initiate recovery procedures from the nearest site.
No Software or Server Required
A simple 4 button front panel LCD console is used to setup any number of tape or disk copies.


The S-ImagerX12 controller has built in hardware utilities for:
  Tape or Disk Copy
  Tape or Disk Verify
  Disk Erase
  Tape or Disk Drive Diagnostics
  "Self Test" Diagnostics


All major disk and tape drives are supported.


The S-Imagerx12 Duplication controller source interface is LVD Ultra3 160 Wide SCSI.
SCSI Interface
Conforms to the SCSI-3 protocol while maintaining compatibility to SCSI-1 and SCSI-2, 8/16 bit SCSI.  LVD Ultra3 Wide synchronous transfers provide 150 MB/sec sustained data transfer rate.  
The S-Imager X12 Duplication controller features two SCSI device interfaces. 
SCSI Interface
Two parallel SCSI LVD Wide Ultra3 device interface channels operate a pair of devices at high speed for maximum of 150 MB/sec sustained data rate.  Conforms to the SCSI-3 protocol while maintaining compatibility to SCSI-1 and SCSI-2, 8/16 bit SCSI.
Operator Console
The front panel operator console features a 4 line by 20 character display and a 4 push button key pad.
TAPE OR DISK Duplication Configurations

5.25 Half Height Pkg Tabletop Pkg # of copies
Tape Drives Disk Drives Tape Drives Disk Drives
TD881 DD881 TD1081 DD1081

1 TO 1

TD881-2 DD881-2 TD1081-2 DD1081-2 Up to 2
TD881-4 DD881-4 TD1081-4 DD1081-4 Up to 4
TD881-8 DD881-8 TD1081-8 DD1081-8 Up to 8
TD881-12 DD881-12 TD1081-12 DD1081-12 Up to 12
DIMENSIONS Width Depth Height
5 1/4" Half Height 5.75" 9.20" 1.67"
Table Top 9.75" 11.00" 2.50"
ENVIRONMENT (Exclusive of Drives)
Input Voltage +5VDC, 10%, 3.5 amps, max
Temperature Operating/Non-operating (5 degree C to 50 degree C, -40 degree C to 60 degree C)
Humidity Operating/Non-operating (10% to 90% non-condensing)
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