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Mirage VTC - Virtual Tape Library, Click to Learn More...

Mirage VTC - Virtual Tape Library, Click to Learn More...

 What's New?
Ultera Systems & Hydroscience Technologies sign Worldwide OEM Agreement for MDR Seismic Data Storage Controller
   MDR - First to Offer READ-After Write (RAW) Functionality


Ultera Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Solutions

    Mirage Marine Recorder expected to be adopted industry wide!

Reduce Your Backup Window - "My backups finish in a fraction of  the time it used to take.  Mirage VTL saves time and money."  
Restore Files Instantly - "Mirage VTL mounts and starts restoring files instantly without the mechanical delays of a conventional tape library.  Mirage VTL increases the  efficiency and productivity of your backup administrator."  
Create Reliable Backups - "With Mirage VTL, I no longer have to worry if my backups will get done on time.  Once my backups complete, I still have RAID protecting my data plus the option to have Mirage VTL archive my data to a conventional tape cartridge for offsite storage."  
Improve ROI - "A Mirage based VTL allows me to use my existing backup equipment with improved performance and reliability."  
Overcome Your Conventional Backup Limitations!  - "My backup speeds and data format are no longer dependent on the type of tape technology I use.  Mirage VTL gives me performance as well as the confidence that I can easily migrate my data to a different tape technology in the future."  
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Tape RAID Controllers
Long Term Data Archiving - "Ultera's Tape RAID Striping with Parity adds redundancy to protect my data at a level that no single tape drive can provide."
High Speed Media Duplication - "We can make up to 12 copies of our backups with Ultera's server free media duplication" PLUS "Migrating our data has never been easier."
4x Storage Capacity Plus High Performance Backup - "My backups get done well within my backup window and I don't have to change tapes anymore using Ultera's Tape RAID solutions."
CD-R and DVD-R Mastering Made Simple - "Our Ultera Mastering solutions help us meet our CD and DVD duplication needs."
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